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Disaster Recovery & Community Rebuilding

ICF helps states and communities rebuild after natural disasters

Governors and large city mayors face daunting and complex challenges in helping citizens and businesses recover from large-scale natural disasters. Failure to recover and rebuild residential, commercial, and public infrastructure wisely and quickly compounds pain and suffering, tarnishes government's reputation, and erodes trust.

ICF is a reliable source of experience and support in long-term disaster recovery born of 10 years working in the most demanding disaster recovery environments. Our experts help you plan ahead, ensuring policies and procedures for U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, staffing and management plans, communications strategies, and administrative systems are in place when disaster strikes.

ICF helps you effectively use and implement Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds and leverage other federal funding sources. And when planning ahead is not an option, ICF is ready to help you expeditiously navigate complex requirements and respond to demanding stakeholders and citizens.

ICF assists you in developing and maintaining effective partnerships with HUD and other federal funders, implementing grants management systems and ensuring your policies, procedures, and team are in place. All of these activities are supported by our experts and staff who work side-by-side with you and your team. We help make sure your communication systems are operative and your stakeholders—citizens, businesses, and civic leaders—are engaged from the start. Our services include:

  • Writing action plans that meet HUD standards
  • Conducting environmental and historic preservation reviews
  • Implementing tested policies and procedures, tailored to your specific needs
  • Management of communications strategies with your staff, citizens, and stakeholders
  • Building staff capacity and program management systems
  • Initiating outreach, accepting applications, and determining eligibility
  • Establishing tracking, reporting, and forecasting systems

ICF's 25 years as a HUD community development technical assistance provider offers the benefit of working with a trusted advisor who knows how to get things done quickly and correctly the first time. Our experts are well versed in CDBG, FEMA, SBA, and federal environmental standards. We have a proven track record of scaling disaster recovery programs to help supplement our clients' staff and management. We work with elected officials and designated executives advising and helping them balance competing needs and priorities for quick action and compliant implementation.

Recovery from a natural disaster can take months and years. Political leaders and executives need to maintain oversight and awareness of both progress and impediments to rebuilding. ICF works with you to collect and analyze operational and decision-support data needed to keep recovery operations running smoothly and to respond rapidly to changes and unexpected problems. To accomplish this, ICF:

  • Implements data analytics and forecasting tools
  • Provides standard and on-demand reports and analyses
  • Maintains required records to respond to audits and inquiries
  • Provides staff augmentation responsive to changes in demand