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Grants management consulting and software

Making the grants management process simple and seamless for grantees, governments, and private businesses—to get people the help they need, fast.

Powered by industry experts and the latest technology, our grants management consulting services and software tools are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Coupled with consultation services, our GrantTRAX and disasTRAX technologies provide comprehensive grants management support. These software tools empower clients to use adaptable business modules for a customized experience without being tied to a software vendor.

Building local capability for long-term resilience

Our experienced grants management subject matter experts provide solutions that yield impactful results for our clients. Since 1997, our grants management experts have:

  • Helped clients apply for over 35,000 Federal Emergency Management Agency projects
  • Managed over $40 billion in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s grant funding
  • Responded to over 50 disasters

We use a disciplined yet flexible program-management model tailored to fit each client’s unique circumstances and help communities build back stronger.

End-to-end support for a diverse portfolio

We help clients navigate every segment of the grants management lifecycle across a diverse portfolio of federal grants. From assisting with applying for federal funds to managing grants from intake to close-out, we provide the dedicated staff and expertise to address any need. We offer decades of hands-on experience managing billions in U.S. government grants, covering everything from grant payment processing and grantee eligibility determinations to preventing fraud—all while providing real-time data analytics to ensure that decisions are data-driven and funding milestones are met.

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Putting grants management back in clients’ hands

We’ve worked alongside local governments, states, federal agencies, and businesses to help apply for funding and efficiently administer grants programs in ways that maximize impact. By performing rigorous gap analysis surveying stakeholders’ unmet needs, our experts ensure that as programs and specific procedures are developed, our tools accurately reflect those processes. Our comprehensive grants management software tools—GrantTRAX and disasTRAX—make it easier than ever for our clients to become self-sufficient and support active management of the grants management process, not beholden to pricey software vendors for technical support.

Customizable software that can be tailored to any grant or program

Whether you need a nimble platform to evolve alongside changing program policies and procedures or you’re looking for a fully customized end-to-end method for managing grants, we have a menu of software solutions to meet every client's needs.

Built on Appian, GrantTRAX is a comprehensive grant and case management system that can be adapted quickly to meet your grants management needs. Supported by program and IT professionals, GrantTRAX contains a fully built out set of modules, including reporting and analytics, and can interact with other systems.

  • Built on Appian
  • Built-in modules for easy, built-in functionality
  • Ideal for grants management projects across a wide variety of industries
  • Includes application intake functionality

For those needing a more targeted solution-based system, disasTRAX provides a multifaceted business process management tool that can be applied across multiple industries and use cases. With more back-end support, disasTRAX is an ideal option for clients whose current systems are not meeting all of their case, grant, financial, and project management needs.

  • Built on Quickbase
  • Adaptable and moldable to meet custom needs
  • Ideal for disaster management and as a project management tool to bridge data systems
  • Supports multiple systems to allow for more integrated functionality
Both software tools integrate with GIS mapping, drone and remote sensing, and data visualization tools, providing an expert-paired consulting experience without the need to be tied to a vendor.

Our services

Gap analysis and capabilities assessment

  • Developing unmet need assessment
  • On-demand expertise addressing program and compliance challenges
  • Workforce development for effective grant management
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Developing grants fraud prevention practices and processes

Program development and design

  • Decision-making frameworks and methodologies
  • Determining grantee eligibility and creating programs to meet strategic priorities
  • Establishing QA/QC processes
  • Financial management and accounts reconciliation
  • Establishing and meeting defined metrics for program success

End-to-end grants management support

  • Managing federal grant funding of all sorts at federal, state and local levels
  • Managing HUD and FEMA disaster recovery and mitigation funding
  • Developing comprehensive audit-ready files and high-quality data to measure outcomes in automated ways
  • Building critical capacity for effective grants management
  • Reporting and data analytical support
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