Grants management

Making the grants management process simple and seamless for grantees, governments, and private businesses—to get people the help they need, fast.

Building local capability for long-term resilience

Our grants management professionals bring solutions based on subject matter expertise to yield results tailored to meet client needs. We have helped clients apply for over 35,000 Federal Emergency Management Agency projects, managed over $40 billion in Department of Housing and Urban Development’s grant funding, and responded to over 50 disasters. We use a disciplined yet flexible program-management model tailored to meet grantor needs and help communities build back stronger.

End-to-end support for a diverse portfolio

We help clients navigate every leg of the grants management lifecycle, weaving together a diverse portfolio of federal funds. From intake to close-out, we provide the dedicated staff and expertise necessary to resolve whatever problem our clients might encounter. We offer decades of hands-on experience managing billions in U.S. government grants, covering everything from grant payment processing and grantee eligibility determinations to preventing fraud—all while providing real-time data analytics to ensure that initiatives are built on the strongest possible empirical foundations and milestones are met.

Putting grant management back in clients’ hands

We’ve worked alongside federal agencies, U.S. federal grantees, and private businesses to help them efficiently administer grants programs and ensure transparency in execution. By performing rigorous gap analysis surveying stakeholders’ unmet needs, our experts ensure that when the rubber meets the road of program and policy development, clients have all the tools they need to succeed. Our comprehensive grant management software makes it easier than ever to become self-sufficient, active participants in the grants management process, not beholden to pricey software vendors for technical support.

Our services

Gap analysis and capabilities assessment

  • Developing unmet need assessment
  • On-demand expertise addressing program and compliance challenges
  • Workforce development for effective grant management
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Developing grants fraud prevention practices and processes

Program development and design

  • Decision-making frameworks and methodologies
  • Determining grantee eligibility
  • Establishing QA/QC processes
  • Financial management and reconciliation planning
  • Establishing and meeting defined metrics for concrete program success

End-to-end grant management support

  • HUD and FEMA infrastructure grant applications review
  • CDBG-DR/MIT fund management
  • Stakeholder engagement and constituent outreach
  • Comprehensive audit-ready files and high-quality data to measure outcomes
  • Building critical capacity for effective grant management
  • Reporting and data analytical support
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