How we can help you leverage FEMA BRIC funding for hazard mitigation projects.

BRIC—Building Resilient Infrastructure in Communities—is a new FEMA grant program that takes hazard mitigation measures further than ever before. It encourages larger-scale projects that not only reduce risk from all hazards but also create community resilience. BRIC encourages Community Lifeline projects that promote more resilient energy, water, transportation, flood protection, food distribution, and other critical community services that protect communities before natural disasters strike.

ICF has over 30 years experience in supporting resilience and mitigation projects, grant development support, environmental services, infrastructure project development and management, energy resilience, and disaster grant management.

We stand ready to assist state and tribal applicants and local subapplicants with your BRIC pre-disaster mitigation program needs.

How can ICF support applicants seeking BRIC funding?

  • Develop the FEMA applications from local governments and tribes for submission to the states.
  • Build competitive submissions for projects and provide the project management oversight for successful applications.
  • Support the direct project implementation of applications already in development and manage funds or projects under local contracts or with partnering lifeline utilities.
  • Support energy, water, transportation, and other lifeline clients in developing public and private partnerships with applicants and subapplicants for projects.
  • Work with applicants and subapplicants to build mitigation program staffing capacity.
  • Provide resilience and mitigation planning update support to applicants and subapplicants.
  • Provide environmental and historic preservation (EHP) support to any projects awarded.

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