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Our understanding of public policies, societal trends and business crosses disciplines as well as borders.

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Public Policy Research, Evaluation and Analysis

ICF is a leading provider of analytical support to policy-makers. We have a highly experienced team of experts in policy research and evaluation, impact assessment, regulatory design and service performance. We work across the policy spectrum, from skills to health, climate change to food safety, migration to gender equality.

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Marketing and Communications

ICF Next, ICF’s global marketing services agency, is an award-winning marketing, communications and technology organization with more than 25 years’ experience working across Europe and around the world. We support public and private sector clients with a full range of capabilities grounded in behavioral insights, creative engagement and technology.

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Tackling Unemployment Across the European Union

Following the 2008 global economic crisis, the EU faced soaring levels of unemployment. European public employment services (PES) needed to better connect jobseekers with employers despite shrinking budgets and technological barriers. Jointly with the European Commission, ICF created a structured and strategic environment to foster learning and cooperation between PES practitioners.

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