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Who We Are

We come from different fields. Different backgrounds. Different countries. But our people have this in common: a passion for making a positive impact on the world.

ICF is a global consulting services company with over 5,000 specialized experts, but we are not your typical consultants. At ICF, business analysts and policy specialists work together with digital strategists, data scientists and creatives. We combine unmatched industry expertise with cutting-edge engagement capabilities to help organizations solve their most complex challenges. Since 1969, public and private sector clients have worked with ICF to navigate change and shape the future.

“Whenever we have something big, hairy, complex and just ugly, we always bring ICF in.”
— Senior Utility Executive

Groundbreaking research? Transformative digital solutions? Powerful marketing and advertising campaigns? Check and mate. It’s all in a day’s work at ICF, where we make big things possible when it matters most. Get a glimpse of how we make it happen — together.

ICF is a global professional, technology, and marketing services firm with:


in annual revenue 


offices around the world with our headquarters located in Fairfax, VA.


employees across the globe


nationalities represented across the company


languages spoken by our diverse team of experts


supporting lifelong learning policy and practice

Our Expertise

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Social Programs
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Careers at ICF

How We Do It Differently

We combine traditional consulting expertise with cutting-edge digital agency services to serve our customers in a holistic way. Our business analysts and policy specialists work together with digital strategists, data scientists, and creatives to find solutions to complex challenges. Our end-to-end capabilities mean our customers don’t need to outsource work according to varying capabilities at different stages of the project.
Industry Expertise
  • Vertical markets
  • Government domains
  • Policy and regulatory navigation
  • Interdisciplinary specialization
  • Marketing services
  • Digital engagement
  • Creative/Advertising/Brand
  • Consumer experience
  • Citizen engagement
  • Integrated communications

Our Clients

  • Fortune 100 Companies
  • Leading consumer brands
  • 50+ top U.S. utility companies
  • Every U.S. Federal agency
  • International, state and local governments
  • 9 of the top 10 U.S. hub airports

Awards and Recognition