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Board of Directors

ICF’s board members are highly experienced in helping businesses achieve ambitious goals. Elected for their background in influencing strategies for growth companies, they bring to ICF tremendous talent and passion to help us enhance our services for both commercial and government clients—across organizations, continents, and cultures. In 2016, ICF was recognized by Women in Technology for the diversity of our Board of Directors.

Eileen Auen, Chairman & CEO, PMSI

Eileen Auen

Former Executive Chairman

Dr. Srikant M. Datar, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

Dr. Srikant M. Datar

Senior Associate Dean

Cheryl W. Grisé, ICF Board of Directors

Cheryl W. Grisé

Former Executive Vice President

Sudhakar Kesavan

Executive Chairman

Randy Mehl

Randy Mehl

Board of Directors

Peter M. Schulte, Managing Partner, CM Equity Partner

Peter M. Schulte

Managing Partner

Michael Van Handel

Michael Van Handel

Board of Directors

John wasson icf

John Wasson

President and Chief Executive Officer