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We take on transportation challenges across the globe—delivering innovative answers to issues that affect communities, consumers, and their governments. Our experts develop transportation solutions that promote sustainable travel and goods movement, improve safety, reduce emissions, optimize existing systems, and empower users with real-time information to make informed choices.

Transportation services

Planning and strategy

  • Active demand management strategies identification
  • Commuter strategies development
  • Corridor planning
  • Emissions reduction strategy development
  • Environmental linkages planning
  • Environmental policy support
  • Facilitation and goal setting
  • Investment strategy development
  • Livability strategy planning
  • Regional, local, and sub-area travel demand management
  • Statewide and metropolitan transportation planning
  • Micro-mobility planning
  • Mobility and accessibility strategy identification
  • Performance measures development
  • Scenario development and alternatives analysis
  • Sustainability strategy planning
  • Targets development


Implementation and outreach

Our work

Transportation insights
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