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Transportation demand management (TDM) encourages widespread use of travel options, such as transit, ridesharing, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting, as alternatives to driving alone. ICF delivers comprehensive support at every stage, including:

  • Planning
  • Program development
  • Communications, marketing, and outreach support
  • Corridor and mobility mapping and analysis
  • Program evaluation and measurement
  • Assistance linking TDM to broader policies and initiatives
  • Program implementation and ongoing support
  • TDM online and technology solutions and support

ICF understands the latest tools for TDM programs and how to put them to work to inform decisions, track behaviors, and motivate action. Our in-house expertise encompasses smart growth, transportation planning, social marketing, and technology. Our multidisciplinary teams include specialists in emissions reduction, fleet management, fuels, greenhouse gas, and livable communities.

ICF's approach to TDM reflects extensive insight into programs, transportation operations, marketing and outreach, and technologies at the federal, state, regional, and local levels. We understand the pieces of the TDM puzzle, how to assemble them, and which players to engage to ensure success.