Anticipate, withstand, and recover from cyber risks.

Your mission, assured

The need for cyber resilience touches every aspect of our national well-being—defense, energy, banking, transportation, and disaster recovery. Beyond just cyber security, resilience keeps an organization's entire mission going, assuring its future, and protecting its people.

Adaptability is survivability. Evolve your integrated security culture to address people, processes, systems, and technology alike. You'll advance your readiness beyond network protection to stand ready for terrorism, large-scale technological failure, severe weather, and pandemic diseases.

Explore ICF's practices in Climate and resilience, Energy, Transportation, Disaster management, Digital and enterprise technology.


  • Application security/DevSecOps
  • Governance, planning, and oversight
  • Mission assurance
  • Policy and regulatory 
  • Research and development/Test and evaluation (R&D/T&E)

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