Ensure critical systems are secure and resilient

Protect the holistic integration of inputs that maintain society at large.

Assess vulnerability

Assessments and audits need to deliver actionable solutions for enhancing resiliency, mitigating risk, and protecting critical assets and missions. Identify interdependencies and risks from all hazards to drive sound policy and investment decisions.

Upgrade and modernize

Organizations already have critical systems in place – and few have the option of overhauling a platform or system. Instead, they need the expertise to restructure critical systems in a more effective way to be secure and resilient. Resiliency happens in perpetuity – it’s a consistent assessment that allows for continual improvements. Upgrade and modernize with full end-to-end solutions across the organization and in support of the mission.

Drive down mission risk

Many of today’s critical systems are running on legacy infrastructures – infrastructures that were not built with cybersecurity and resiliency in mind. Ensure maximum uptime and operational availability of critical systems – systems that are not only available, but protected, secure, and confidential – without negative impact to the mission functions that rely upon them. Beyond the mission, at a tactical level, this reduces cost, including socioeconomic and monetary costs, and infrastructure wear and tear to the system.


  • DevSecOps
  • Information sharing and partnerships
  • Incident detection and response
  • Security policy and governance
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Emergency management
  • Enterprise Resilience
  • Workforce development

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