Protect and defend networks and systems

Stand strong against threats with unique defensive cyber services

Keep pace with change

In today’s persistent threat environment, cyber attacks and malicious activity are constant risks that never stand still. To build and maintain resilience, your networks need to be armed against every possible vulnerability by smart technology and even smarter people. Achieve efficiency in your operations by bringing adaptive automation and proactive assessments together with next-generation cyber expertise.

Evolve with the threat

To stay ahead of the curve, defensive cyber operations must be supported by ongoing research, development, and innovation using real-time operational data. Gain a critical edge against adversaries with lifecycle management that uses feedback and change management to inform development and testing for continual evolution in threat hunting, insider threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and beyond.


  • Application security/DevSecOps
  • Governance, planning, and oversight
  • Mission assurance
  • Policy and regulatory 
  • Research and development/Test and evaluation (R&D/T&E)
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Emergency management
  • Enterprise Resilience
  • Workforce development

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