Stakeholder engagement

Move beyond checking a box and unleash the power of data and analytics to drive project success. We take a full lifecycle approach to stakeholder engagement, leveraging digital capabilities to understand public sentiment—and using that early analysis to shape a winning message.

Stakeholder engagement for environmental projects is often viewed as a required but limited activity, conducted in the middle of a project to satisfy compliance regulations. But we know that stakeholder engagement can—and should—be so much more. With 1,000+ in-house engagement, outreach, communication and PR practitioners, our teams work under a single mission-driven framework to deliver a holistic approach tailored to any project.

People sitting and listening in community group.

Rely on cross-industry, deep-bench expertise

Our experts go beyond the surface to provide comprehensive analysis and stakeholder engagement, drawing across sectors from environment, climate resilience, data science and analytics, strategy, and marketing. We build next-level stakeholder participation programs by working with diverse teams that understand what it takes to develop strong-engagement opportunities for key audiences, solicit input, and shape a project that reflects community interests.
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Execute the full lifecycle

Early engagement is critical to inform, educate, engage, and evolve as you connect with targeted communities. Communicating early and often helps keep projects on schedule and defensible, and fosters long-term community relationships. From analysis to development and execution, our teams work at all project stages to ensure holistic engagement and on-time delivery. Get ahead of the issues through a comprehensive, step-by-step approach that provides data for decision-makers as projects take shape.
Two people in community group.

Establish holistic community engagement with a data-driven approach

Employ cutting-edge analysis to ensure that disadvantaged and vulnerable communities benefit from environmental initiatives. Our data-driven approach helps you understand what is needed to reach communities in a comprehensive way, incorporating qualitative input to establish more open and inclusive lines of communication. Our methodology allows us to provide continuous outreach that uses data to ensure measurable improvements in the lives of marginalized communities. 

Supporting clients throughout the project lifecycle

Assess through early engagement

  • Survey research and focus groups
  • Market analysis
  • Audience segmentation
  • Social listening and analysis
  • Strategic communication and engagement planning

Execute through proven methodology

  • Message development
  • Digital media campaigns and engagement
  • Public engagement and community outreach
  • Input and public comments (CommentWorks®)
  • Website and collateral material design
  • Media relations
  • Facilitation
  • Event planning
  • Multi-cultural communications

Sustain through analysis and feedback

  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Redesign
  • Continued assessment and realignment
  • Trust and confidence building
  • WaypointTM

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