Environmental transportation solutions

Proven agency relationships and regulatory insights for successful roadway, transit, freight rail, port, and aviation projects.


For roadways

Address mobility challenges quickly with a partner that understands the unique environmental challenges of roadways, bridges, and tunnels. Form solutions based on project delivery expertise that’s backed by federal and state environmental and transportation policy research and development.

For transit and passenger rail

Identify and communicate your project's environmental and community benefits and impacts. Envision multi-modal opportunities to build a successful transit infrastructure. Choose a forward-thinking partner to help move your future-friendly mobility solutions through environmental review and approval.

For freight rail

Expedite capex projects that maintain and expand freight rail networks. Apply federal streamlining measures to complete environmental reviews. Look to the leaders in successful Surface Transportation Board environmental compliance.

For ports

Make your budgets work harder with the efficiency of an environmental partner that understands waterfront policy, logistics, science, and resilience. From freight operations to climate change, optimize all facets of your business with strategic regulatory ideas that prepare you for the future.

Explore ICF's resilience solutions. Stay ahead of the fight against threats of terrorism, large-scale technological failure, and severe weather with the integration of specific expertise and agile solutions.

For airports

Respond to the infrastructure needs of growing passenger demand with sustainable facility development. Meet federal environmental requirements and craft mitigation approaches that are sensitive to community and environmental concerns. Call on a partner with deep Federal Aviation Administration policy understanding and local compliance expertise.

Environmental services for transportation projects

Evaluate, plan, and mitigate

Permit, coordinate, and implement

Monitor and adapt

  • Project period monitoring
  • Post-project completion monitoring

Environmental client stories

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Public comment analysis software
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Integrated Planning Model

Database platform of all key operational elements of generators on the power grid.

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How NEPA Streamlining Affects Environmental Impact Statements

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Case Studies

Benefits of Low Emission Development Strategies

The Case of Clean Energy Policies in Bangladesh
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