Delivering full-service environmental data management, modeling, and visualization

We provide client-tailored technology services for data collection, analysis, and decision support.

Precise environmental data collection and analysis

To enhance data collection while minimizing field survey time, we provide unmatched versatility in environmental data collection methods and platforms that streamline primary data acquisition through storage, analysis, and reporting. Our survey technologies include high-accuracy GPS/global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) equipment paired with standard electronic field forms, advanced smart forms for more complex surveys, and aerial drone platforms. In addition to core spatial analysis (GIS) and design offerings (Autodesk Civil 3D), our data science team is fluent in open source and statistical software platforms, including R and Python for modeling and statistics, as well as Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database management.
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Empowering experts with interactive visualization tools

Data science shouldn’t be a black box. We believe technical experts and key decision-makers should be empowered to visualize data in an intuitive and visually compelling way through interactive web maps, dashboards, and other applications. We integrate accessible decision support tools into our clients’ daily workflows so that critical management decisions are backed by data and science. These tools can enhance your existing technology foundation or be custom-built to provide your project with the flexibility it needs to address evolving requirements.
Data collection in the field

Leading with interdisciplinary environmental experience

Our data experts bring a deep bench of expertise, integrating technology with science for a fully interdisciplinary project team. We draw from experience working with private clients, tribal entities, and city, county, state, and federal agencies. At every step of the way—from data acquisition and management to analysis and visualization—we provide meaningful guidance to benefit the full data lifecycle for any environmental project. This support allows clients to address planning scenarios and regulatory requirements with confidence.

Our services

Field collection

  • High accuracy GPS surveying
  • Aerial drone technology
  • Light detection and ranging (LiDAR)
  • Photogrammetry
  • Proton magnetometry
  • Blue 2.0 UAS
  • Custom start for development of complex surveys
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time field notifications and automated reporting



  • Custom web dashboard and map development
  • Measure progress towards goals
  • Scenario comparison over time
  • Secure project web sites
  • Interactive Tableau and PowerBI dashboards
  • ESRI maps, dashboards, and stories

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