ICF’s experienced scientists, technical experts, and regulatory specialists deliver skilled problem solving and creative thinking to help natural resource management clients navigate today’s intense competition for resources.

Across the U.S., whether evaluating the footprint of a new electric transmission line or anticipating the environmental impact of a new federal regulation, ICF professionals bring more than four decades of experience in hands-on natural resource management fieldwork and sophisticated analysis to our clients’ complex, sometimes controversial projects.

We support natural resource management of wetlands, wildlife habitat areas, and fisheries with assistance in:

  • Conducting environmental and technical studies, analyses, and inventories
  • Planning resource management projects on U.S. federally managed lands, particularly those that require special-use permits
  • Designing and implementing compliance, permitting, monitoring, and mitigation strategies
  • Developing habitat conservation plans for a wide range of species and habitats
  • Using resource modeling and quantitative analysis, including advanced biometrics
  • Implementing strategic communication and public outreach
  • Monitoring construction projects for environmental compliance

Our work