Science-based monitoring of fish and aquatic resources

Utilize applied research and regulatory support services that restore habitat and reduce uncertainty.

Applied research and modeling

Our thought leadership drives the industry. We use it—along with the latest fisheries technology—to design and implement research studies and monitoring programs that help you answer critical water management questions.

NEPA and CEQA permitting

You need to meet stringent government environmental regulations. We coordinate with state, local, and federal agencies to apply critical thinking that will comply with the permit terms your project requires.

Large project implementation

How do you keep your project on time and on budget? Our scientists offer a diverse set of skills that can keep it on track every step of the way—no matter the scope or size.

Our services

Project management

  • Habitat restoration
  • Dredge monitoring
  • Foodweb studies
  • Field research and related lab work
  • Taxonomy
  • Species recovery
  • Species distribution
  • Invasive species control studies
  • Fish passage
  • Ecosystem modeling
  • Fish and wildlife studies

Water management

  • Adaptive management planning
  • Permit tracking
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Criteria development
  • Compliance studies

Science-supported solutions

  • Structured decision making
  • Statistically valid study plans
  • Predation and operation impact studies
  • Biotelemetry
  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • Hatchery and aquaculture assessments

Data visualization and database management

  • Machine learning
  • Big data integration
  • Real-time prediction
  • Simulation analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis support
  • Statistical analysis
  • Quantitative habitat modeling

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