Transportation planning and performance management

Leading expertise in transportation planning to improve system performance and achieve community goals.
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Better planning, better projects

Transportation agencies today must make planning and investment decisions in a complex environment with multiple objectives. We offer an interdisciplinary approach, bringing people and organizations together to support effective long-range planning and strategic decision making. We lead statewide, regional, and local transportation plans that make a meaningful impact on communities. Our experts develop leading resources on planning-environment linkages, context sensitive solutions, community impacts, and operations and safety.
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Achieving mobility goals

Growing traffic congestion and accessibility are challenges for nearly every metropolitan area. Public agencies and private partners come together to find transportation planning and development solutions with the help of our objective research and analysis. We identify options, model scenarios, and facilitate consensus on next steps. This is what we did to help the Washington, D.C. metro area address mobility challenges—leading to a new regional transportation plan. And it’s what we can do for you.
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Driving performance-based decisions

Transportation agencies increasingly rely on data to drive decisions and track performance. ICF brings leading experts in transportation data analytics to provide insights and communicate system needs, trends, and impacts. For example, we led the development of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) performance-based planning and programming (PBPP) guidebook—sharing best practices for using performance data in all elements of a PBPP process.

Transportation services

Planning and strategy

  • Corridor planning
  • Emissions reduction strategy development
  • Environmental linkages planning
  • Environmental policy support
  • Facilitation and goal setting
  • Investment strategy development
  • Regional, local, and sub-area travel demand management
  • Statewide and metropolitan transportation planning
  • Mobility and accessibility strategy identification
  • Performance measures development
  • Scenario development and alternatives analysis
  • Sustainability strategy planning
  • Targets development


Implementation and outreach

Our work

Transportation insights
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