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Driving the planning, development, and deployment of connected and automated vehicles and advanced transportation technology
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Planning for an uncertain future

The transition to connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) and other emerging transportation technologies is well underway, but the timing of the transition and impacts on transportation systems remains uncertain. Our experts help federal, state, and local governments plan for advanced technology vehicles and understand the potential impacts on infrastructure assets, travel behavior, and system outcomes. We are leaders in the application of scenario-based approaches that illuminate potential challenges and solutions.

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Coordinating complex teams to advance deployment

CAV system architecture and design necessitates a multidisciplinary approach. ICF's experts include a strong suite of system engineers, IT specialists, mobile and vehicle technology experts, as well as economists, planners, statisticians, and policy analysts. We specialize in the coordination of multi-stakeholder teams to support system architecture and design, including the development of key system engineering documents such as a concept of operations, systems requirements, and comprehensive deployment plans.

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Evaluating impacts

We are deeply versed in the operational environments and challenges that influence the success of CAV deployment. ICF understands how to design and execute robust evaluations of CAV pilot projects. We work closely with both public agencies and the private sector to collect and analyze data to assess performance, highlight success, and identify needed improvements.

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Planning and strategy

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Implementation and outreach

Our work

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International airport builds America's first bi-national terminal

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