Applying tech to improve patient access to kidney transplants

Applying tech to improve patient access to kidney transplants
Aug 16, 2023

Ozlem Tasel is passionate about combining health science and technology to advance the kidney transplant process and save lives

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that approximately 2 in 1,000 Americans have kidney failure treatable only through dialysis or a kidney transplant. We’re working to improve care for these patients through our work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Reporting System (EQRS) program—with Ozlem Tasel at the helm.

As our director of program management for EQRS, Ozlem guides the successful coordination and execution of all program aspects—from strategic planning, data analysis, and system improvement; to client meetings, stakeholder engagement, and human-centered design; and more.

Improving healthcare through technology

While Ozlem is currently working on EQRS, she’s been supporting CMS clients for years. She loves being part of a cross-functional team that develops innovative solutions for the healthcare industry to help patients access essential services and life-sustaining treatments. But from a different perspective: the technology side.

“Knowing our efforts directly improve the healthcare experience and quality of life for thousands of patients by making it more efficient and accessible is very rewarding.”

A passion for making a difference

Ozlem’s passion for this work is palpable, and she fully exemplifies what it means to live ICF’s purpose: to build a more prosperous and resilient world for all. “Have the courage to care deeply and show it,” she says. And she lives this daily—along with her team of health experts and technologists who are working toward a single goal: to improve the lives of the end-stage renal disease community.

The collective commitment of the team comes to life through building solutions that have real-life impact, demonstrating the care and dedication everyone brings. Ozlem says, “Being part of a team that embodies a collective passion for the work is both inspiring and empowering and reinforces my belief that we can create positive change together.”

“It brings me great fulfillment to be involved in a field that merges technology with healthcare to create positive and lasting change in peoples’ lives.”

Balancing work with creativity and well-being

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Working at the intersection of technology and healthcare is quite cerebral and analytical, but Ozlem finds balance in her life by leaning into her creative side. She’s a talented oil painter, using it to express her emotions and ideas on canvas. She practices yoga daily to sustain her well-being and maintain a sense of inner peace. When she feels the need to explore, she does it by cycling—which keeps her active while she explores nature and expands her horizons.

By exercising both sides of her brain, Ozlem rejuvenates her mind and spirit so she can better support her clients and their patients and find balance between self-expression, mindfulness, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

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