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Tobias Schaefer

Senior Vice President, Europe and Asia
Tobias has 25 years of experience specializing in transnational political communication, integrated campaigning, program implementation, and the digital transformation of large organizations.
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Tobias leads our team that works with organizations and government agencies throughout Europe and Asia to provide research, analysis, strategy, program design, implementation, evaluation, strategic communications, marketing and more. He led the development and execution of critical campaigns and programs for governments and European institutions in health, climate change, sustainable energy, consumer protection, taxation, diversity legislation, and citizens’ rights.

Tobias joined us in 2014 when we acquired the Belgium-based communication firm Mostra. He served as the division lead for ICF Next Brussels. He has strategically and steadily positioned us as an indispensable partner to the European Union and led the expansion of our European marketing and communications business into new industries and geographies.

  • Diploma in political and social sciences, SciencesPo, Paris
  • Diploma in political and social sciences, Free University of Berlin