Integrated risk management

We can help you develop customized resilience strategies designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.
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A holistic approach to natural disaster risk management

We live in an increasingly interconnected world in which disruptions due to climate change, natural hazards, health risks, and cyber threats can undermine your mission. We can help you devise solutions to increase your resilience in the face of multiple, simultaneous risks. By addressing system interdependencies in addition to direct impacts, evaluating existing management and decision making to uncover opportunities, and providing bottom-line analyses that cut across finance, economics, energy, the environment, and other fields, we build risk mitigation into every aspect of your organization.
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Incomparable breadth and depth

Unlike other organizations, which silo their expertise, we pull in all the necessary experts to support integrated system-wide risk management. We offer incomparable breadth and depth in fields like energy, transportation, water, climate science, public health, communications, and disaster management. Our cross-organizational teams and mile-wide/ mile-deep approach offers clients both state-of-the-art creativity and pragmatic solutions to increase resilience.
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Tech-driven solutions for risk management

Increasing risk management in the 21st century often relies on a wide array of technologies including big data analytics, advanced visualization, integrated monitoring systems, and cutting-edge use of social media. At ICF, we explore and analyze IT-related opportunities, then factor them into broader risk management solutions for transportation, energy, telecommunications, climate, and other sectors. Our in-house IT experts help you think about where the latest technology fits into your risk management strategy, how it can save you time and money, and how it can help you accomplish your mission-critical objectives.

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