ICF in Puerto Rico

Building resilience and prosperity


Our team of over 150 recovery experts have been working on the island since 2018, putting our personal and professional passion into helping communities become more resilient and better prepared for natural disasters.

We are proud to partner with federal and local officials to ensure Puerto Rico's recovery is done right, done fast, and done in the best interest of impacted citizens.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico
$27B in 5 years
ICF has delivered the fastest, largest obligation in FEMA history.

Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction, and Resilience (COR3)

We assist local municipalities, state agencies, and private non-profits to obtain Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recovery funds.

We do this by conducting site inspections, developing damage descriptions, and preparing recovery statements of work and cost estimates. Once projects have been approved and FEMA has obligated funds, we provide technical assistance and review reimbursement and advance funding requests.

ICF was recognized by FEMA and the Government of Puerto Rico for providing compliant VAYGO (Verify As You Go) audited files. The compliant disbursement of $5.6 billion dollars in 5 years is also the largest amount disbursed in FEMA history.


FEMA funds disbursed


sites identified for inspection


sites inspected


grants awarded
Rebuilding Puerto Rico
After his home was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, Mr. Ramon Montes receives the keys to the new house he was awarded through the R3 program.

Department of Housing: Single-Family Repair, Reconstruction or Relocation (R3) Program

The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) allocated over $2.9 billion in Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding to repair or rebuild damaged homes.

We guide applicants in the eastern half of Puerto Rico through the entire grant process—from intake and eligibility reviews, to completing initial damage assessments and applicant documentation, through construction—to support PRDOH in getting citizens into safe homes.

ICF was the first program team to have 1,000+ home constructions completed.


applications received


eligibility letters sent to applicants


Damage Assessments completed


task orders issued


constructions completed
Rebuilding Puerto Rico
PRDOH Secretary, William Rodriguez, addresses ICF's Region 2 Mayors during a joint CRP CDBG-DR progress meeting.
projects identified to receive $275+ million

Department of Housing: City Revitalization Program (CRP)

CRP allows the 78 municipalities to propose, develop, and construct recovery projects aimed at reinvigorating downtown areas, urban centers, and key community corridors.

These projects promote the redevelopment, re-greening, and restoration of lost natural resources, and further incentivize private investments in restored urban areas.

Using CDBG-DR funds is complicated.

Our team of engineers, architects, planners, and various compliance experts work alongside staff and contractors in 30 municipalities to help them turn their recovery project needs and ideas into compliant construction projects that will provide a public, economic, or housing benefit to their citizens.

Our people


Our local team consists of over 90% local Puerto Ricans and staff living on the island, many of whom were personally impacted by Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

We pair this local team with disaster recovery experts who have been on the ground for nearly every major disaster in recent U.S. history and have developed industry-leading systems and processes.

We are invested in transferring knowledge to Puerto Ricans, so that recovery is a Puerto Rican-led effort.

Our technology


Accelerating disaster recovery

Drone technology helps teams quickly, safely, and accurately assess damaged areas. In 2–4 hours, a drone inspects what would otherwise take 2–4 days.

Financial dashboard on Granttrax

Taking the complexity out of grants management

Our comprehensive grants management software tools—CATALUS, grantTRAX, and disasTRAX—provide configurable grants management solutions that streamline case, grant, financial, and project management needs.

Giving back

Solar Pannels

We partnered with the Puerto Rico Community Foundation to purchase and install a solar energy infrastructure and storage system at the Community Health Center of Patillas—one of the towns most devastated by Hurricane María—to ensure continuous emergency room operation.

We also purchased medical equipment needed to diagnose and treat patients.

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