Supporting recovery efforts in Texas

Damage caused by Hurricane Harvey continues to impact citizens across the Lone Star State. ICF has been on the ground since January 2019 partnering with state and local officials to help get residents back on their feet and on the path to recovery and rebuilding.

"We are proud to bring our decades’ long experience in disaster management to Texas. We’ve made extraordinary progress working with state and local officials and other contractors on recovery programs. Our priority is always to work in the best interest of impacted citizens.”

-Andrew LaVanway, Senior Vice President, ICF

Texas General Land Office

We provide a broad range of project management and financial services to help the GLO administer recovery funds. This includes developing standard procedures for administering Texas’ housing assistance and local buyout/acquisition and infrastructure programs and helping create efficient financial processes. We also provide a wide array of technical assistance to support GLO staff, subrecipients, and vendors.

Key metrics with the GLO

(as of October 2021)


homes rebuilt


in buyout applications reviewed


invoice records created


in infrastructure applications reviewed
Rebuilding Texas and Houston

City of Houston

We support the City’s Community Development Block Grant—Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program, managing the outreach and intake portions. We make sure residents know about the program, meet with a case manager as needed, and are able to initiate an application for relief funds.

Key metrics in Houston

(as of December 2019)


Number of visits to intake centers by applicants


Number of calls handled by call centers


Number of attendees at 160+ mobile team events


Number of doors knocked


Number of applications for relief funds we have submitted to the City for review

Harris County

Harris County has 8 CDBG-DR programs. We only support 3 of them: the Homeowners Assistance Program, the Buyout and Acquisition Program and the Reimbursement Program. Of those, we are directly responsible for outreach, intake and the initial application submission process. We do not determine applicant eligibility or run the case management system.

Harris County’s CDBG-DR Program

Graphic of Harris County’s CDBG-DR Program managed by ICF compared to managed by Harris County

Key metrics in Harris County

(as of December 2019)


Number of Texans we’ve reached out to about the CDBG-DR program. Hundreds more are being engaged with daily.


Number of Hurricane Harvey survivors we’ve connected with via calls, in person meetings, events, and more.


Number of households where we have initiated intake. This rate has increased 600% since November 2019.


Number of phone calls we’ve made to Harris County residents letting them know about the recovery program


Number of applications in varying stages of completion.


Number of applications for relief funds we have submitted to the County for review.


Number of fixed intake centers and mobile intake teams we set up in just 45 days.


Number of Texans we’ve hired, many of whom were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
City of Houston Housing Resource Center

“Disaster management projects can be incredibly complex. And they’re never easy. For many ICF employees, it’s the most important work we’ll ever do in our careers. Our teams in Texas are working around the clock to make sure the work is done right and done as quickly as possible. We put our personal and professional integrity and passion into the work we do every day.”

-Andrew LaVanway, Senior Vice President, ICF