Open source solutions

Building solutions for the developer community.

[ICF] is releasing thoughtful, intelligently designed contributions to the Open Source community that change the way Adobe AEM development is done. — Bill Engels, Graco

When out-of-the-box configurations are clumsy, we customize. When there is an opportunity to advance user experience, we personalize. And when rote methodology is taxing, we automate. We strive for the best, most elegant, complete solutions—in every context.

It's in this spirit that we are proud to share our wealth of knowledge and the useful tools our developers have created. ICF is also committed to expanding the open source landscape. We're confident the links you find below can change the way code is developed and put into practice.

OSGi Bundle Status Maven Plugin

AEM Groovy Console

AEM Component Plugin


AEM Library

Ionic AEM Apps

AWS Lambda Toolkit