About ICF

Danielle Goldberg

Senior Manager, Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions
New York
Danielle is a data analytics and reporting solutions expert with nearly 10 years of experience in disaster management, providing technical and administrative support to public and private sector clients.

Danielle developed our disaster management and tracking solution, disasTRAX, which allows for tracking all projects and associated direct administrative costs, the retention of all records, accounting of funding, and the ability to provide real-time reports on the status of projects and deliverables. She customized disasTRAX® to meet client-specific needs, reconcile all disaster recovery and insurance claims costs, and support the final closeout of the federal grants.

Danielle has provided expert support on disaster recovery programs and projects in Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico, and New York. In 2018, she quickly ramped up disasTRAX as the interim database solution for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria recovery effort. The system managed data by site, building, claim, reference number, and project worksheet; tracked more than 10,000 projects valued at $9 billion; and incorporated data and dollars from all funding sources of information into one central portal to streamline workflow for an over 300-person team. The application supported project formulation for more than 10,000 sites, supported scheduling of all site visits and collaboration meetings, and associated relevant data from Grants Portal to coordinate Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) efforts. Danielle developed and designed dashboards and reports, identifying key metrics to show the status of projects. She contributed to the Hurricane Sandy recovery for Public Service Enterprise Group, Long Island Power Authority, reconciling waste and salvage invoices and quality assurance allocation of invoices for multiple contractors. She assisted with material reconciliations, including coordination for consensus on the material used on a given circuit based on the circuit walk-downs, the design package, and requests for information.

Danielle’s project support demonstrates FEMA and Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery knowledge and excellence in disaster recovery data and task management, software development, document controls, reimbursement tracking, cost-benefit analysis, and financial analysis.

Danielle is a certified Quick Base App Builder and Quick Base Expert Builder. She received her B.S., Finance and M.S., Finance at Florida State University.

  • M.S., Finance, Florida State University
  • B.S., Finance, Florida State University