Response solutions

Manage immediate post-disaster operations to ensure a swift and efficient response—and prepare for the recovery ahead.
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Coordinating behind-the-scenes response activities

Disaster response has two key facets. There are the visible activities: search and rescue, sandbag patrol, rescue boats. And then there’s what happens in the background: staff capacity building, implementation structures, administration models. Our experts guide the background activities that will help you maximize the federal recovery dollars headed your way.

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Getting ready to manage the money

Response is what happens after you prepare, and before you recover. During this chaotic time, you need to lay a strong foundation for how you’ll spend your recovery dollars. Our teams have the expertise in FEMA and HUD funding sources to help, and they can show you how to conduct assessments and set your community up for a swift and efficient recovery.

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Using data to inform response

Situational awareness during response is critical. Do you know what the flood waters are doing, or are about to do? Who is affected right now? Five minutes from now? Our experts can analyze your data in real time—using tools such as social media mining and sentiment understanding— to help you discern what the public needs and make informed decisions based on data flow.

Disaster response services in program design:

  • Determining the administrative model
  • Building staff capacity
  • Connecting the need with the appropriate solution whether it’s:
    • Housing
    • Buyout
    • Infrastructure resilience
    • Economic revitalization
    • Workforce development
    • Public Services

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Property Exposure Report Template

Keep track of your assets and be prepared for any disaster—with our free property exposure report template.

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The Disaster (Recovery) Artist: A Life In Pursuit of America’s Darkest Moments

When trauma lingers after a disaster, crisis counselors come to the aid of local survivors. 

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