From problem to prototype in one week

Built on the Google Ventures Design Sprint toolkit, ICF Spark Labs brings together a diverse group of experts to solve big problems for institutions of all kinds – companies, federal agencies, nonprofits. The design sprint is a workshop-style, highly regimented one week immersion. It motivates teams to prototype their ideas, compressing months of work in a few productive and inspiring days.

How we work

A comprehensive mix of skills and voices leads to better problem solving. Our expertise ranges from technology to experience, from public to private sector. We have access to thinkers, implementers, and creatives across energy, aviation, transportation, climate, health, consumer, education, and hospitality. We’ll bring perspective and creativity to your design sprint challenge.

Starting with a Lightning Workshop to understand the problem, the team then dives into design sprints to prototype solutions, get feedback, and iterate to a minimum viable product (MVP). This enables you to implement and sustain the most impactful ideas.

Big picture: ICF Spark Labs process

1. Lightning workshops

Identify key challenges and opportunities

2. Design sprint

Move from problem to prototype

3. Iteration sprint

Rapid revisions based on feedback

4. Roll off

Transition strategy and prototype to implementation

The power of a design sprint

  • Work fast, because everyone who is needed to solve the problem is in the room.
  • Unite diverse stakeholders behind a common goal.
  • Generate real data to justify business decisions.
  • Explore multiple innovative solutions that give you a shot at success.

Who we've helped


We helped reimagine the application experience for online universities.


We designed a digital strategy that will help one utility improve customer engagement.


We supported one of the world’s largest airports as they enhanced their mission-critical processes.

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