Diversity, equity, and inclusion at ICF

We are a purpose driven company with a strong culture and underlying values that prize diversity, opportunity, equality and respect. At ICF, we are not all the same. And that has always been our greatest strength.

What we believe

We are at our best when every member of our team feels respected, included, and heard—when everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work every day. Our purpose and values correspond directly with how we view the world as people, not just employees.

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We share a passion for creating lasting and meaningful change that makes the world a better place. Our positive impact is magnified by our different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives—all coming together to find solutions as unique as the challenges we face.

Our report reaffirms our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and shares our journey, achievements, and intentions for the future.

Hear from our leaders

“We are a mission-driven company filled with people who care deeply about improving lives and making the world a better place. We encourage an environment that celebrates diversity and those important moments when new voices are heard and heeded."

John wasson icf  John Wasson
President and CEO 

"We are more successful when people of different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view come together to find solutions. We actively create opportunities for open, honest discourse and ensure we are driving tangible actions that embrace, celebrate, and grow diversity."

Caryn McGarry, Chief Human Resources  Caryn McGarry
Chief Human Resources Officer 

"Our commitment to inclusion requires continuous growth, and we learn from our experiences and each other. We challenge assumptions, cultivate networks, and deepen our impact to our communities—using the same innovative mindset we apply when helping our clients solve their toughest challenges."

Demola Sholagbade  Demola Sholagbade
VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion program

Inclusive culture and community building

Ensuring everyone feels comfortable, safe, informed and respected


Building inclusion acumen through training


Creating a diverse talent pool of qualified candidates

Career growth

Promoting the success and advancement of diverse groups

Accountability and transparency

Continually measuring and monitoring progress

How we connect

Our Employee Community Networks connect us by common characteristics, interests, and goals. More than just a place for networking and support, they foster our professional development, community outreach, and business impact.

Source: 2022 ICF data


female employees


female people managers


non-white employees

(in countries where we are permitted to collect this data)


non-white new hires

Our commitment to pay equity

We’ve achieved pay equity across women and minorities. Every year, we examine the compensation employees receive and make adjustments to ensure that we maintain pay equity.

Our commitment to our partners

We constantly seek inclusive opportunities to collaborate with experts, suppliers, contractors, and technology partners with diverse perspectives—and who are just as driven as we are to make a difference.

Recognition and engagement

A look inside ICF

Impactful client work