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ICF provides solutions you can't get anywhere else—ones built exclusively for your business.

Empower your vision

Whatever your vision is for the future of your organization, the power of technology can make it a reality. Emerging technologies are ushering in new opportunities from artificial intelligence to computational science and clean energy.

At ICF, we support clients with an extensive suite of proprietary software and other technology tools that add value to your projects from the outset. Our forward-thinking developers, testers, and specialists provide cutting-edge tech solutions to clients ranging from the National Institute of Health to private cybersecurity companies.

Our multidisciplinary teams know that collaborative consultation is an essential element to delivering the innovative solutions our clients expect. We’re prepared to work with you to drive digital transformation initiatives in both the public and private sector.

Build your digital ambition

A digital-first strategy is increasingly a critical mission priority in order to compete now—and in the future. Digital-first disrupts the traditional business and marketing model to maximize customer engagement and deliver products and services in unique and novel ways. That’s where our expertise in the categories of data science, cloud-based technologies, and analytics come in.

To stay ahead of the curve, we design for agility. At ICF, we're already thinking about agile solutions to your challenge of remaining competitive in an evolving digital economy. We will work with you to use feedback and change management processes to inform development and testing for continual evolution. Our team of industry specialists, engineers, analysts, developers, and innovators brings decades of hands-on, real world experience to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

Drive innovation

Do you have an idea for a new solution in your market? Our innovation and design services team—a diverse band of digital, design, and domain experts—is ready to help you spur transformation in your organization.

We help clients transform their business operations and strategies to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. Combining the latest in design thinking with structured, tactical workshops, we turn problems into prototypes so you can innovate at record speed.

We deliver a range of solutions—pulling in both industry experts and discipline experts from across ICF—by facilitating deep engagement in your unique business challenge. Our creative problem solving process starts by taking a business problem and reframing it with your customer in mind. Our proprietary toolkit helps you co-create and collaborate with your colleagues on challenges that matter to you.

Industry-focused platforms

ICF develops refined software to solve global challenges for leading enterprises.

Explore our results-driven portfolio to see how you can break new ground in your industry.

Technology alliances

We partner with the best and brightest technology firms to bring you solutions that offer a step change in productivity. We contribute and utilize the leading open source platforms to maximize value for your organization. See all of our partners

Open source solutions

We strive for the best, most elegant, complete solutions—in every context.

It's in this spirit that we are proud to share our wealth of knowledge and the useful tools our developers have created.

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Full-scale digital transformation is no small task. We're looking for people with the right mix of people skills and technical knowledge to get the job done. Are you excited by the opportunity to apply curiosity, initiative, and analytical reasoning to resolve complex challenges? At ICF, you can count on variety and cutting-edge technology to drive your day.
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