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Highly regulated and faced with intense cost and competitive pressure, organizations that thrive in the new healthcare landscape do so by managing simultaneous transitions. From group to individual plans, from volume to value-based care, and from capacity management to maximized efficiencies, successful healthcare organizations must balance multiple priorities while keeping an unwavering eye on their customers.

What’s more, the industry’s seismic shift in power to the consumer requires an effective response that increases satisfaction and aligns business operations for a competitive edge. And at ICF, we don’t just talk about what needs to change. We partner with our clients to execute plans and deliver meaningful results.

In health delivery, health insurance, and life sciences, ICF experts come to the table already invested with a deep understanding of the market and each client’s market. We team industry management consultants with digital and marketing experts and skilled program managers. Together, they deliver a multi-dimensional approach that meets each client’s organizational and competitive needs to help them achieve short and long-term business goals.

ICF experts drive transformative, consumer-centric change to deliver real results. Examples include a health plan’s enrollment that topped 400,000 members after initial launch and an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) solution that improved care for more than 200,000 chronically ill patients while saving $4.7M in its first year. We help reengineer operations and find new ways of engaging with consumers by breaking down the consumer lifecycle. Our experts look beyond the usual focus on awareness and initial acquisition to build loyalty, enhance service, create operational efficiency, and improve the bottom line.

Marketing & Communications

Don't let the challenges of healthcare reform outpace your level of consumer engagement.

ICF builds engaging campaigns and outreach programs to deliver key messages to target customers, including hard-to-reach audiences. Let our successful, consumer-centric strategies help take your corporate communications and customer interaction to the next level.

  • Integrated campaign design and management
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Consumer marketing and engagement
  • Sales support and message development
  • Creative strategy and development
  • Earned, paid, and owned media execution

Product and Service Portfolio Optimization

As reform is implemented, healthcare companies are launching new products and services for employers and consumers to find and select the coverage that best meets their needs.

Healthcare organizations must integrate technological advances with new product and price offerings in an environment in a constant state of flux. ICF has the expertise and experience to optimize your portfolio.

  • New product launch and implementation
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Go to market execution
  • Portfolio rightsizing and simplification
  • Payer proposal support

Business Transformation

The healthcare market is shifting from a volume- to value-based system—one which brings about positive health outcomes.

Organizations that focus on providing patient-centered, quality healthcare are positioned for long-term success. Critical to your choice of health partners is selecting a firm that has experience implementing evidence-based strategies and one that has the deep health IT knowledge to integrate systems that will support your efforts. ICF is the partner who can deliver both.

  • Business process reengineering
  • Care transformation evaluation, roadmap, and execution
  • Data integration planning and execution
  • Medicaid expansion

Digital Services

Healthcare payers and providers are challenged with communicating changes and introducing new services while reducing complexity and increasing transparency.

ICF helps refine your consumer strategy and engage your customers with interactive social media, gaming, and portal solutions—online or via mobile platforms.

  • Digital customer experience delivery
  • System integration
  • Creative UX design
  • Cloud managed services
  • Targeting, optimization, and measurement

Integrating Solutions for Healthcare

ICF develops customer-directed solutions for leading healthcare companies.

ICF partners with clients to deliver an integrated approach to consumer engagement. As a trusted advisor and implementation partner, ICF combines expertise in both U.S. government and commercial healthcare sectors with its award-winning communications agency, digital and interactive capabilities, and technical implementation know-how to deliver powerful consumer engagement solutions.

Healthcare reform, rising healthcare costs, and unparalleled access to information are driving healthcare companies to reexamine business models and find compelling new ways to engage directly with customers. This new age of consumerism requires two things—innovation and business transformation:

  • Health insurers must innovate to manage population health, develop new pricing approaches, and differentiate products and services
  • Healthcare providers must evolve to deliver holistic, coordinated care that leads to improved outcomes
  • Employers must offer tailored healthcare options that meet employees’ unique needs

ICF partners with clients in several areas:

Healthcare Payers & Providers

ICF helps healthcare companies engage consumers, improve health outcomes, and build long-term competitive advantage.

ICF delivers relevant and repeatable healthcare solutions designed to address healthcare market challenges and deliver client value. With our vast expertise in the commercial health sectors, we act as a trusted advisor and implementation partner to many of the most recognized healthcare brands in the United States.

With the addition of ICF Olson, ICF is positioned to provide unique and comprehensive solutions to the healthcare market by combining digital and interactive solutions with an award-winning, in-house marketing communications agency and technology solutions provider.

Strategize. Implement. Optimize.

ICF constructs optimal solutions to meet the unique challenges for our clients:

  • Strategic roadmap implementation
  • Readiness assessment
  • Business intelligence and dashboard/reporting
  • Project management office oversight
  • Project execution management

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