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Consumer Engagement for Healthcare

ICF develops customer-directed solutions for leading healthcare companies.

ICF partners with clients to deliver an integrated approach to consumer engagement. As a trusted advisor and implementation partner, ICF combines expertise in both U.S. government and commercial healthcare sectors with its award-winning communications agency, digital and interactive capabilities, and technical implementation know-how to deliver powerful consumer engagement solutions.

Healthcare reform, rising healthcare costs, and unparalleled access to information are driving healthcare companies to reexamine business models and find compelling new ways to engage directly with customers. This new age of consumerism requires two things—innovation and business transformation:

  • Health insurers must innovate to manage population health, develop new pricing approaches, and differentiate products and services
  • Healthcare providers must evolve to deliver holistic, coordinated care that leads to improved outcomes
  • Employers must offer tailored healthcare options that meet employees’ unique needs

ICF partners with clients in several areas:

  • Customer analysis and segmentation strategy: ICF helps you understand your customers' needs, preferences, and motivational drivers.
  • Strategic communications and marketing: ICF designs and implements marketing campaigns, communications plans, and outreach programs to deliver key messages to your target customers, including hard-to-reach audiences.
  • Customer-directed product development and optimization: ICF focuses on the intricate details of new product development and product transformation while ensuring implementation schedules meet time-to-market deadlines and produce quality results.
  • Digital and interactive services: ICF helps you engage your customers with interactive social media, gaming, and portal solutions—online or via mobile platforms.
  • Cost and quality tools for informed healthcare decisions: ICF shows you how to deliver decision-making tools to help individuals make informed choices.

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