ICF has conducted leading-edge work on congestion management, operations, and safety issues across modes and at all levels. We work with state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, and local government agencies to manage the number of people or vehicles using transportation systems during congested periods and improve vehicle or passenger throughput without adding to the footprint of the road.

ICF's expertise in congestion management, operations, and safety encompasses the full range of strategies, techniques, and tactics, including:

  • Pricing, congestion management, and transportation demand management solutions
  • Operational improvements related to urban design and livability, such as high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, roundabouts, and reclaimed street space
  • Strategies for nonrecurring congestion, such as accidents, special events, construction, and extreme weather
  • Support with collecting and using transportation data and developing knowledge transfer systems
  • Safety research, analysis, guidebooks, partnerships, and strategic planning
  • Develop concepts of operations for advanced transportation systems management approaches like Integrated Corridor Management and Connected Vehicle Deployments
  • Support development and delivery of demand management practices, services and technology

We are familiar with department of transportation and metropolitan planning organization culture and grasp traditional and integrated decision-making. ICF understands how operational strategies fit into overall missions and how to evaluate the effectiveness of improvements against overall goals.