How effective climate communication can mobilize citizens

Dec 9
4:00 PM–5:00 PM GMT

As governments take action to address climate change, they’re increasingly recognizing the importance of mobilizing citizens to help achieve their climate goals. But effectively communicating about a complex topic like climate change is challenging.

Join our live webinar with ICF experts and our partners at Montpellier Business School for an engaging conversation on triggering individual and societal action around climate change. Drawing from our new research on effective climate communication, we’ll explore how to use concepts of social contagion, positive emotional energy, and tipping points to effectively mobilize citizens and stakeholders to take action to achieve climate goals.

  • The role of emotions, social norms, participatory science education, and youth movements in effective climate communication
  • Understanding human dimension and customer engagement in areas such as energy consumption and electric vehicle (EV) adoption
  • What you can do now to create a practical guide to designing impactful climate communication campaigns

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