Environmental energy solutions

Regulatory strategies to meet the unique demands of utilities, renewable developers, and oil and gas ventures.

For utilities

Control timing and cost by staying ahead of environmental requirements. When you streamline current efforts while watching out for industry changes, you’ll have a regulatory strategy for every part of your operation: routing and sighting new lines, regular operations, ecosystem restoration, or long term monitoring.

Discover ICF’s climate solutions for internationally recognized leadership in carbon accounting, greenhouse gas mitigation, climate and extreme weather vulnerability assessment, and resilience planning.

Windmills spinning next to body of water

For renewables

Protect your clean energy investment by addressing regulation both before and during development. Because renewable projects span jurisdictions and scientific domains, you’ll enjoy proven relationships with the tapestry of environmental agencies governing solar or wind, whether offshore or over diverse terrain.

For oil and gas

Call on expert guidance at every point in your production lifecycle. Streamline regulatory matters in exploration, extraction, and production. Control transport issues with experienced first and third party advisors. Then maintain smooth refining operations with proactive compliance strategies.

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