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Erika Britney
Principal, Environment

Erika Britney is a consultant with more than 15 years of environmental experience in multidisciplinary program management with an emphasis on applying a business-oriented approach to environmental performance and compliance. Her expertise includes market-based environmental management tools, habitat valuations, natural resource damage assessment, management systems, regulatory compliance and permitting, community outreach, and training. She has served as project manager or project director for multiple multidisciplinary projects involving inputs from a variety of technical fields, including wetland scientists, engineers, economists, and fish biologists.

Ms. Britney is adept at identifying critical information needed to answer complex, multidisciplinary questions and incorporating stakeholder input and technical information to develop criteria to support decision making. She has also helped to ensure the success of municipal and watershed-based sustainability initiatives through design and facilitation of multistakeholder involvement processes that include government agencies, private industry, and the public.