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Health, equity, and livable communities

Multimodal transportation solutions that advance public health, social equity, and quality of life
Health equity solutions in public transportation

Improving public health

Transportation agencies are increasingly called on to promote public health through the planning and project development processes. We have leading expertise in the literature, data, and analysis tools needed to link health and transportation. Our experienced practitioners develop transportation options to improve health in any community.

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Achieving equity

Public agencies must ensure that the benefits of transportation investments are distributed fairly, and that any adverse impacts do not disproportionately impact communities. Achieving equitable transportation plans and programs also requires that historically underserved communities can meaningfully participate in decision making. We provide the frameworks, tools, and strategies to achieve equitable outcomes from transportation decisions.

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Enhancing livability

For more than two decades, we have led the industry in supporting livable communities through transportation. Our work is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between land use and transportation. We address community impacts in all phases of transportation decision making, from planning to project development to operations. Robust community engagement is fundamental to our approach.

Transportation services

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Planning and strategy

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Implementation and outreach

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