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Case Studies

Improving the Smokefree.gov User Experience

An ICF Lean Volte® Case Study

Sep 18, 2015

Helping government organizations better serve their communities and constituents requires expert knowledge and the ability to advise and execute using leading technology and best practices. ICF has the expertise to empower both local and federal agencies to deliver on programs designed to make a positive, lasting impact.

This ICF case study explores how the ICF Lean Volte® process helped to improve the United States National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) smokefree.gov user experience—helping more people take advantage of this valuable resource to lead longer, healthier lives.

The primary goal driving the smokefree.gov portfolio of digital products is to help people quit smoking. After a decade of product innovation, the user-experience required more attention. Overall, the smokefree.gov suite of resources needed to be unified and aligned with the quitter’s journey to be smoke free (regardless of product channel).

ICF developed a framework for user engagement for smokefree.gov by using ICF Lean Volte®, a proprietary process for strategic visioning and problem solving. ICF Lean Volte® brings a multidisciplinary team together to work with clients and stakeholders in arriving at solutions that produce measurable results within the client’s unique environment. NCI staff participated in a four-phase progression (Gather, Discern, Shape, and Guide) to craft a plan for stronger customer engagement and program success