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An unusual way to promote product safety to European consumers


As online shopping increases, so do the risks for consumers. Shoppers may buy products without checking their origin or whether they are compliant with the EU norms. To protect the health of online shoppers, European Union, the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST) decided to raise awareness about the potential threats and empower consumers to make safe product choices without scaring them or disrupting e-commerce in any way.
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We implemented a light-hearted approach rather than one based on fear. Our unusual angle intrigued the target audience. We showed the physical conditions of well-known symbols in popular culture such as pirates, trolls, or Van Gogh as the result of buying unsafe or noncompliant products. The creative idea came to life in short and snappy formats, perfectly adapted to social media channels. Together with DG JUST, we targeted shoppers during key online shopping moments, across digital channels, and through a live event.

How we did it

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european commission product safety pirate


The unexpected imagery drove consumers to explore safety tips for online purchases. Based on its successful rollout in Estonia, Spain, and Sweden, the campaign materials were distributed in all member states.
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european commission product safety troll
european commission product safety van gogh
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