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Inspiring Three to be more than a telco

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Turning 10 million static accounts into a 10 million strong audience


As it was gaining customers faster than any other UK mobile provider, Three UK wanted to leverage these accounts to create new revenue streams.


Together with Three UK, we set the vision for a new customer channel of personalised, timely offers and rewards from Three and their partners. We developed a compelling value proposition for Three’s customers, Three themselves, and their partners. The result? Meet Wuntu—the offers and rewards app exclusively for Three customers.

How we did it

  • Loyalty + customer marketing 
    Loyalty + CRM strategy, Customer strategy + journey mapping, Customer lifecycle experience, Experience prototyping, Cross-channel marketing, Analytics, reporting + modeling
  • Strategy + transformation 
    Strategic planning + vision setting, Customer acquisition + retention
  • Technology + channels 
    Digital marketing strategy + solutions, Web and mobile app development + marketing, User experience management + design
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Three UK


Wuntu makes Three more than just a telco. By giving Three’s customers special offers, Wuntu gives partners access to an engaged audience whilst creating a new revenue stream for the core business.
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