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ICF is trusted by government and private sector clients to provide cybersecurity solutions that support the full range of cybersecurity missions and protect evolving IT infrastructures in the face of relentless threats.

The importance of cybersecurity to our nation’s defense, security, and economy cannot be overstated. It takes vigilance at every level of an enterprise and starts with a thorough understanding of your network and its vulnerabilities. For more than 25 years, ICF’s cyber and infrastructure security professionals have been implementing solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve. Our team is led by some of the nation’s most respected and experienced cybersecurity and resilience leaders.

Sitting at the nexus of cybersecurity and physical infrastructures, we provide enterprise solutions for resilience, whether securing an energy grid, transportation system, defense network, or private healthcare information system. ICF helps each client mount a sophisticated, effective defense, and in return, we have an almost 100% client retention rate.

Our team of cybersecurity specialists helps homeland security, intelligence, and military clients to build and successfully defend the most aggressively attacked infrastructures on the planet, and we bring this same level of mil-spec expertise to our commercial clients. As the stakes get higher, ICF has doubled down on research, driving conversations about the state-of-the-art security at its annual CyberSci conference and patenting technology developed in its own cyber lab.

From building the system that served as the model for network defense services within the U.S. Department of Defense to improving machine-to-machine learning for better cyber defense to patenting a new way to visualize cyber threats using virtual reality technology, we innovate to stay one step ahead. As a top priority for our nation and successful organizations, cybersecurity deserves no less.

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