Electrification strategy and program implementation

Smart electrification solutions for utilities and the communities they serve.
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Improve your customer relationships

Smart charging is a critical element of your electrification strategy. What’s the most effective way to incentivize adoption of these technologies? How can you partner with customers to manage the load, minimize system impact, and deliver reliable power while reducing energy bills? Help your customers choose, optimize, and manage their energy future with compelling programs that deliver clear benefits.
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Grow and shape the load

Electric vehicles and electrified buildings are changing the behaviors of the market. How will you shape the load to minimize demand spikes and utilize excess renewable generation? Using our proprietary analytics platform, CO₂Sight, we help utilities visualize programs that create value in an electrified future. Generate demand. Lower costs. Improve air quality. And limit disruption to the distribution system—all while meeting customers where they are.

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Electrify with equity

How can you introduce the benefits of electrification to all communities and construction? We bring deep domain expertise to bear in helping outline maximum energy, health, and economic benefits for implementing transportation and building electrification programs that maximize energy efficiency—in cities and in hard-to-reach rural areas.
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Do the heavy lifting

Commercial and industrial electrification opportunities abound. Converting fossil fuel-powered equipment such as gantry cranes, forklifts, refrigerated trucks, agricultural irrigation pumps, or process heating applications to electric power provides significant emissions and operating cost reductions—while increasing customer satisfaction and energy sales.

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Our services

Utility strategy, planning, and program Implementation

  • Strategic planning
  • Regulatory support
  • Market and opportunity assessment
  • System and locational impact analysis
  • Grid and environmental impact analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness evaluation
  • Technology screening
  • Program design
  • Program implementation and pilots
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Program evaluation

Technology sectors

CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

Develop a line of sight toward your decarbonized future with CO₂Sight, the only analytics and action planning framework with ICF expertise built in.

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