Why electrification benefits cities, states, and the grid—and how utilities can lead the way.

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When done right, electrification provides utilities with ways to enhance revenue, reduce emissions, and strengthen relationships with cities and customers. Download this paper to learn how utilities can find success in this space, along with:

  • How cities can help advocate for beneficial electrification.
  • How leading utilities Entergy and JEA have built innovative programs that focus on non-road technologies.
  • 6 ways for utilities to garner regulatory support to scale their beneficial electrification programs.

Programs with shocking benefits

When done right, the benefits of electrification—enhanced revenue, reduced emissions—extend beyond utilities to include cities and customers.

What is beneficial electrification?

Electrification programs provide incentives for utilities that switch from fossil fuels to electricity as an end-use energy source. But “beneficial” electrification requires that electrification programs benefit the environment, ratepayers, and the participant.

Beneficial electrification has the potential to significantly offset the decline in load growth experienced by many electric utilities. Participants in an electrification program may experience other benefits too, such as:

  • Lower bills.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Quieter operations.
  • Improved ability to control temperature.
  • Increased operational precision.

A beneficial electrification future

What would the future look like with more beneficial electrification programs? The Environmental and Energy Study Institute predicts doubled electricity use by 2050 if the transportation, commercial, and residential sectors of the United States were fully electrified.

Utilities could also see:

  • A boost in annual energy sales of 0.75%.
  • Decreased pressure on electric rates through spread costs.
  • Better grid management during peak periods through flexible loads.
  • A drop in net carbon emissions of up to 85%.

Download this paper to learn how utilities can find success in the beneficial electrification space.

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    David has more than 30 years of experience advising clients on utility resource planning, energy efficiency, demand-side management, non-traditional product and service development, and operations of unregulated utility subsidiaries. View bio