Aircraft management and technical solutions

Providing expert appraisals of aviation assets and technical support for aviation deals—from a single aircraft to the world’s largest lease portfolio.
Lessors, operators, banks, government agencies, and other investors rely on our solutions because of our integrity and expert analysis. Our suite of proprietary assets, advisory tools, models, and databases helps stakeholders navigate key business challenges to their advantage. Our team of certified ISTAT appraisers value aircraft and aviation assets worth billions of dollars each year and routinely provide due diligence to buyers and sellers.
aircraft transaction and technical services

Aircraft transactions and technical services

Across the lifecycle—acquisition, inspection, transition, default management, and remarketing—our experienced aircraft advisors deliver the specialized expertise where and when needed. We also provide technical support, planning, management, and on-site representation for aircraft inspections and transitions.

financial valuation

Financial services and valuation

We support complex structures and transactions of aircraft lease portfolios and securitizations through our maintenance cash flow projections and modeling for capital markets and P/E firms. Our ISTAT-certified appraisers routinely value aircraft, engines, spare parts, simulators—plus intangible assets like routes, slots, and gates—using our best-in-class methodology and models.

due diligence aviation

Due diligence

We provide aircraft trading due diligence services for single aircraft or full portfolios—and for investors or lessors during M&A or IPO transactions—by combining our analytical expertise with our team's executive experience with lessors, airlines, and MRO providers.

Our services

  • Aircraft remarketing and sourcing
  • Slots, gates, and routes appraisals
  • GSE appraisals
  • Part out appraisals
  • Maintenance cash flow forecast
  • Aircraft technical services
  • Aircraft appraisal
  • Spare parts valuations
  • Simulator appraisals
  • Corporate and rotorcraft appraisals
  • Portfolio modelling
  • Investor advisory and due diligence
  • Aircraft lease renegotiation
  • Maintenance cash flow forecast
  • TrueBook valuations
  • Spare parts inventory appraisals
  • Aircraft lease management
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