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Improved Auditing & Monitoring

ICF partners with clients to help them improve internal security controls and maintain compliance with regulations.

To help clients stay ahead of today's complex, changing cybersecurity challenges – including U.S. federal and industry regulations – ICF's experts provide external security audit/assessment services using a proven four-phased approach:

  1. Assess the current security posture
    During the initial phase of the process, our team conducts a preliminary review of the organization's information technology infrastructure through interviews with installation personnel, observations of installation activities, and reviews of installation documentation.
  2. Identify unique security requirements
    The objective of phase two is to obtain the information necessary to identify any governing security regulations that the organization is subject to as well as the security controls that have been implemented within the environment.
  3. Perform compliance testing
    In the third phase, we use automated auditing tools, interviews, and observation of the production operating environment to determine if the implemented controls comply with mandated regulations and operate as expected.
  4. Provide a comprehensive assessment report
    Upon completion of the audit/assessment process, our team prepares a comprehensive audit report giving detailed results of each phase, including any identified deficiencies along with recommendations for action.