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Identity, Credentialing, & Access Management (ICAM)

ICF helps clients manage cybersecurity threats with highly customizable solutions and identity management that ensures the safety of confidential data and valuable intellectual property.

Securing critical data is an integral part of a successful program management office. Rather than retrofit solutions based on new legislation or security threats, ICF helps clients integrate sustainable, seamless solutions that fit within new or existing infrastructure.

ICF offers cybersecurity services to help clients proactively protect information, stay informed about the latest online security threats, comply with government regulations, and quickly respond to compromised data, including:

  • Information assurance and privacy solutions
  • Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)
  • IT governance and risk management
  • Identity, credentialing, and access management (ICAM)
  • Network management and intrusion detection
  • Systems administration, implementation, and integration

ICF helps clients navigate U.S. regulations and organizations that affect cybersecurity requirements:

In addition, identity management is a key component of any comprehensive cybersecurity program. ICF helps clients develop cutting-edge credentialing systems that ensure only essential personnel have access to critical data. Extensive knowledge of public key infrastructure, physical access control systems, and U.S. government standards for identity management helps ICF create secure authentication systems for federal agencies and other clients.