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Full Merger Between Logical & Physical Controls

ICF helps to improve security and simplify access control with an automated application.

ICF developed the Physical Access Control System (PACS) Central module as an application that ties a client's PACS to a Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) card management system and Windows domain for the simple automation of access control.

Using an interface that mirrors the look and feel of their organization, managers can control access to one or more specific secure areas without having to learn the complexities of PACS administration. They can also delegate control to others.

Employees who require access to secure areas simply fill out a web form, and managers are notified instantly via email. Managers can grant or deny access with just a few clicks and sign access approvals at their desk using their HSPD-12 credential.

Similarly, PACS Central will automatically block access to secure areas for any employee whose personal identification verification (PIV) card expires or is revoked.

Since PACS Central is built on the GroupAssure® core, it uses GroupAssure roles, permissions, and operations to control access to the application. When a PIV card is terminated, the PACS Central revocation web service is notified and access for that card is automatically removed from every PACS system tied to PACS Central.

For nonagency PIV cards, enrollment into PACS Central ensures that the cards are continuously checked against a revocation list. All actions in PACS Central are logged and auditable.