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Making a Case for Cybersecurity Research and Development

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Feb 10, 2015

This ICF white paper examines the importance of identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity issues, especially research and development (R&D) challenges.

Protection now and in the future will require sustained scientific research and technological advancement. It also will entail collaboration from the public and private sectors, along with academia. In other words, we need a whole-of-nation approach to cybersecurity research and development. A cybersecurity commission comprising leaders from government, industry, and academia could:

  • Define a national agenda for cybersecurity science and technology
  • Establish the national strategy and framework for R&D required to sustain needed cybersecurity capabilities
  • Reflect diversity of discipline and background (civil government, military, academia, and industry)
  • Serve as an advisory body to the president
  • Direct efforts to propose a more comprehensive cybersecurity agenda, shaping the roles and responsibilities of the U.S. government, academic institutions, and industry
  • Help the Administration define proposals and resource requests for consideration by Congress

Advanced thinking about cybersecurity is taking place in many venues around our nation. Coordinating this thinking against prioritized challenges and allocating resources accordingly is the next step.

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