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When Should Reentry Begin? Lessons from Employment Programs for Returning Citizens

Apr 28, 2016

Policymakers face complex funding considerations when it comes to highly nuanced social issues. With consultants on the cusp of leading research into these multi-faceted policies and programs, ICF is a trusted source of leading insights and information to help government agencies make more informed decisions.

In this paper, ICF shares strategies used by experienced, promising reentry programs that engage offenders before release and collaborate closely with justice systems to prepare for transition and return to society. This policy extract provides key takeaways from the Reentry Employment Opportunities Benchmarking Study with a focus on when reentry should begin.

Increased collaboration between prisons, work release facilities, and faith-based and community organization (FBCOs) offering reentry services can yield stronger outcomes for returning citizens. Stronger collaborations can result in a variety of guidelines, flexibility, and data sharing between the government and reentry programs.

As policymakers consider renewed funding for REO programs, they should strengthen and develop collaborations that transform into a pathway towards self-sufficiency.

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