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Lessons in Reentry from Successful Programs and Participants: Final Report of the Reentry Employment Opportunities Benchmarking Study

Apr 28, 2016

Social and community programs and organizations face complex challenges and nuanced issues that demand in-depth research to inform effective decisions and policies. ICF consultants work in collaboration with other organizations to provide research-based thought leadership—helping these organizations have a real and meaningful impact on their constituents and communities.

This report summarizes observations and findings from a yearlong benchmarking study of the Reentry Employment Opportunities (REO) program and highlights successful REO grantees and their practices in connecting justice-involved youth and adults returning to work, education, and training programs.

The study sought to answer several key questions:

  • Which are the highest performing faith-based community (FBCO) REO grantees?
  • What research-informed or promising practices are they using?
  • What recommendations do FBCOs (and their youth and adult participants) have to improve services as new REO grant funding is considered?

The final report encapsulates the key observations and takeaways from the benchmarking process and provides an overview of existing research on reentry best practices in four common REO practice and policy areas. It also describes specific FBCO program examples of how select high-performing organizations are implementing these practices in the field.

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By Jessica R. Kendall, Venessa Marks, and Brent Orrell
Senior Technical Specialist
Family and Economic Stability Expert