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Case Studies

Taking Proactive Measures in Cybersecurity

At ICF, we have some of the sharpest minds working to keep nations, their critical infrastructure, and their people safe from cyber threats.

Sep 2, 2016

Keeping our world safe from imminent threat is vitally important to us. We make this critical threat detection possible by providing a range of robust cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

Since the 1990s, our integrated team of industry specialists and risk management professionals have supported clients like the United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL) with cyber defense capabilities that allow cybersecurity analysts to understand attempts to compromise Department of Defense networks.

Our team has also helped shape cybersecurity measures for government agencies like the United States Department of Energy. That includes building a Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) to help electrical power utilities protect our increasingly connected networks.

We’ve also worked with the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to build robust, effective preparedness and response capabilities to protect vulnerable communities from potential radiological emergencies that may occur from neighboring commercial nuclear power plants.

Whether detecting cyber threats or developing management frameworks to handle such threats, we’re at the forefront of keeping the world safe—it’s what we do.